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From the long-awaited fifth installment in the Metal Gear series, METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN, comes the first-ever model of the armed bipedal weapon Metal Gear Sahelanthropus.

Under the supervision of Metal Gear Sahelanthropus’ designer, art director Yoji Shinkawa, the most faithful model of Metal Gear Sahelanthropus has been created.
The machine’s characteristic ability to transform from the REX form to the upright bipedal form has also been recreated.
This kit also includes archaea blades, archaea grenades, a dedicated shield, and a base.
A total of four figures are included: Venom Snake, Skull Face, Eli, and Third Child.
Third Child can also be posed as if he’s floating. 
The characteristic skull mark on the Metal Gear's head can be recreated with decals.
The package features official art by Yoji Shinkawa himself.

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