What I Learned from 20 Years of Building Gunpla

Posted by Nick Savery on

March 6, 2020 was the 20th anniversary of the day Gundam Wing premiered on Toonami, and also served to me as a reminder that I have been building gunpla for about 20 years now. My introduction to the plastic crack we call gunpla today was through my brother who took me to a small stationery store. I remember choosing the HG 1/144 W-Gundam Zero Custom because I liked the wings.  That was soon followed up by the HG 1/144 D-Hell Custom and then almost all the other HG 1/100 Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz kits. Here are some lessons that...

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9 Things I Learned Building The Maganac Corps For Charity

Posted by Nicholas Savery on

A few days ago, I embarked on probably the craziest gunpla building adventure I could imagine.  Building the entire Maganac Corps.  For those reading who aren’t hardcore Gundam Wing fans, here’s the low-down.  The Maganac Corps is a small private army of 40 mobile suits.  This army is funded and operated by an independent Middle Eastern nation during the events of Gundam Wing and so it’s not hard to imagine why they’re optimized for battle in desert conditions.  These 40 mobile suits are often found supporting one of the main protaganists, Quatre Raberba Winner and his Gundam Sandrock. For reasons...

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