Mecha Warehouse strives to provide the best possible level of customer service that we can.  One such aspect is trying to support customer requests after their order is placed to the best of our ability, such as modifying an order, merging multiple orders (to save on shipping and number of packages) and order cancellation.  In order to achieve these goals Mecha Warehouse has the following policies:

1) If requesting a change, merge, or cancellation, please do so as soon after placing an order as possible.  Once an order is packed, we are unable to satisfy any of these requests.  Note that an order may be packed after you make your request, yet prior to us being able to service your request.

2) Changes to an order can only be made within 30 days of an order being placed (in the case, for example, of a pre-order).

3) Mecha Warehouse will automatically attempt to merge orders placed by the same person with the same shipping address IF AND ONLY IF we are able to notice them before any of the orders are placed.  This is currently a manual process, so if you would like to merge orders please contact us ASAP to give us the best opportunity to merge your orders.  Should we merge your order we will refund the portion of your shipping charge in excess of what would have been charged had the order been placed all at once.

4) Mecha Warehouse currently allows cancellation without any restocking or order cancellation fees, but we reserve the right to institute such a fee in the future.