Northeast Mecha Modeling Expo and Competition 2024 presented by Mecha Warehouse.

NEMMEC 2024 has been cancelled.

We've decided to cancel NEMMEC 2024: Trying to balance the business, a full-time job and my responsibilities to my family have been wearing on me a lot the last few months and it's becoming increasingly apparent that I won't be able to give the event the energy it deserves. We'll likely give it another go in the future, but in the meantime I need to pull back a bit to not over extend. -Nick


Date: Sunday, August 11th, 2024

Location: Mecha Warehouse, 38 Locke Rd, Unit 4, Concord, NH 03301



Schedule of Events:




Competition Rules:

Inappropriate Entries

 The Chief Judge will exclude/remove from competition any entry considered by contest officials to be inappropriate or offensive including anything depicting sexual, excretory, hate symbols or likeness, or real-world political content.  Note: all judges' decisions are final.


Display Only Table

 A table will be provided for displaying models not entered in the contest.  Models on this table are for display only and will not be judged.  General Admission still applies.  Space on this table is first come, first served and once the table is full no additional models may be placed.


Contest Rules

 The Northeast Mecha Modeling Expo and Competition will be utilizing a hybrid system.  In this system judges will be scoring models based on the General Judging Criteria adopted for use in the Southern California Gundam Model Competition (SCGMC).  The top three finishers will be awarded gold, silver and bronze medallions respectively.  Additionally all participants will also receive a badge (represented by a vinyl sticker) connoting a level of ACE, ENSIGN, PILOT, or CADET based on each participant's scores.  Additionally judges will select a judges pick for each category receiving a black medallion.  Note: all judges' decisions are final.



 The NEMMEC categories will be as follows:

  1. Junior (aged 15 and below)
  2. Snap-Builds [Beginner]
  3. Gundam 1/144 and smaller
  4. Gundam 1/100 and larger
  5. Other Mecha
  6. Figures (characters)
  7. Diorama and Vignette
  8. Ships and Crafts (scifi or fantasy)

 Contest officials reserve the right to merge or split categories as deemed appropriate.



 All entries in the snap-builds category must be primarily unpainted, allowing only panel lining, decals, small detail painting and topcoat.



 You are displaying your models at your own risk.  No liability for loss or damage to displayed models is implied or assumed by the NEMMEC or Mecha Warehouse staff.


Removal of models

 Any entry removed from the table by the entrant prior to the start of the awards ceremony will be ineligible for any special awards.