Mecha Warehouse strives to provide the best possible pre-order experience.  In order to make pre-orders as convenient as possible for our customers you can find our pre-order policies below:

1) All pre-orders listed on or after 9/8/23 benefit from a 10% discount.

2) Pre-orders may be secured with a 20% non-refundable deposit or paid in full.

3) The balance for a pre-order is due when the item ships from our distributor. Balances left unpaid after 7 days may result in the pre-order being cancelled and loss of the deposit.

4) Cancellation of a fully paid pre-order placed on or after 9/8/23 will be assessed a 20% cancellation fee.

5) Cancellation of a pre-order with only a deposit paid results in the surrender of the 20% non-refundable deposit.

6) Cancellation of an early-bird order placed on or after 9/8/23 will be assessed a 20% cancellation fee.

7) Early-bird items can be added to the cart as normal along with in-stock items. When doing this the entire order will ship together only once all items have arrived at Mecha Warehouse.

8) Only one item may be included in each pre-order. If multiple pre-orders arrive at the same time they may be merged into one order by contacting Duplicate shipping charges from merging pre-orders will be applied towards the remaining balance due or refunded to gift card. Additional in-stock items may be added to a pre-order when it arrives before it ships.