DSPIAE - AT-CA Cutting Mats (3 sizes)


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Three layer design PVC cutting mat available in 3 sizes.

A2 Cutting Mat Size: 600x450x2mm
A3 Cutting Mat Size: 450x300x2mm
A4 Cutting Mat Size: 300x220x2mm

Soft PVC material is used for both sides of cutting mat, and hard PVC material for the middle part. Both are safe to use as they are environmentally friendly materials and are in line with EU EN71 standard.

Cutting mat is designed for model cutting, 2mm thicken type, with scaleplate and ruling on the surface.

With special automatic healing technology, the DSPIAE cutting mat is more durable. 

The surface material of cutting mat is soft, which may effectively protect the blade to extend its service life and protect the working table from being damaged by the blade.

Customer Reviews

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Angel Terrones
Nice mat

Good quality mat with two sides. I got the A2, which is large enough to work on and protect my table.

Emilio Aguirre
Good mat

This is my first time using a cutting mat for Gunplas. I would use one half of box,
the bottom white part assemble the model kit and use the top half, the printed side to store the runners in alphabetical order and use the runners until I was done. Then I would store the empty runners on the bottom of pile. I've been doing this for 2 years until I decided to get a cutting mat. The A3 mat is large enough for to work with. The mat is nice black color. It would be nice if it had panel line design for gunplas.

Donald Fritz
Great cutting map

Two sides one dark and one white. It’s really big too, honestly very happy

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