DSPIAE - CS-PB01 Push Broach Combination Set (0.1\0.15\0.3\0.5\1.0mm)


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Product includes clamp holding handle (with label area and sticker) and tungsten steel push broach set of 5 sizes (0.1, 0.15, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0mm).

Tungsten steel push broach is made by grinding fully forged tungsten steel. With a high degree of hardness, the tungsten steel ensures a keen and durable edge with an excellent cutting effect, making it easy to carve out a perfect straight line when in use.

Shank diameter: 3.175mm

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Mark Frey

DSPIAE - CS-PB01 Push Broach Combination Set (0.1\0.15\0.3\0.5\1.0mm)


Great tools!


Quick and care full shipping

George Martinez
Great for beginners

Don't bother buying the cheap bundle sets on Amazon. This set is just a little bit more in cost, but you get much higher quality and value for what you spend. Its 100% worth the purchase and a great way to get into scribing. Just pick up some scribing tape and sanding sponges to go with the chisel set and you're good to go. Mecha Warehouse also seems to have the best price on this set as well (on pretty much everything really) would absolutely recommend.

These are great and way less expensive as compared to BMC

To start, I am new to scribing custom panel lines and chiseling. This combo set of Dspiae Push Broach's are excellent and high quality. Even the packaging it comes in is high quality. As stated, I am new to these modeling techniques so I've been practicing on spare parts and some pla plate that I had bought for scratch build. There are no instructions with this set and even trying to find a video on youtube on how to use them is hard to find since the words "scribe" and "chisel" seems to be interchangeable even though there is a difference between the two. I was quick to learn that scribe tape and a carving needle are necessary before using these. I was able to figure out how these work on my own and could create a clean cut after only a few attempts. I mentioned BMC since that brand is apparently the go to for professional model makers. Good luck trying find them in stock anywhere and if you do you'll be paying a ridiculous amount of money for just 1 size.

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