DSPIAE - AT-EC Masking Tape Cutting Mat (4 Types)


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Masking Tape Cutting Mat
Easy Cutting | Various Patterns | Blade Protective | Double Side Design

Deeper engraved guiding groove for easy tracking.
4 types of pattern to fulfill more demands.
Constructed of acrylic sheets for lower blade wear.
Double side engraved design, longer life.

Blade Protective: DSPIAE masking tape cutting mats are constructed of acrylic sheets with lower cutting resistance for smoother cutting, while effectively retaining sharpness of your cutting edge by reducing the wear of blades

Double Sided Design: Engraved guiding grooves on both sides of the cutting mat with black and white background to suit different demands and greater durability

Packing Details:

  • AT-ECA: Masking Tape Cutting Mat
    • Arc Patterns x1
  • AT-ECB: Masking Tape Cutting Mat
    • Polygonal Patterns x1
  • AT-ECC: Masking Tape Cutting Mat
    • Concentric Circles x1
  • AT-ECD: Masking Tape Cutting Mat
    • Straight Lines x1


  • DO NOT let children under 14 years of age use this product without parental guidance to avoid the risk of injury.
  • DO NOT drop, bend, or punch this product to avoid damage or malfunction.
  • This product is flammable, keep out of open flame.
  • Avoid contact of corrosive objects.
  • Hobby knife and masking tapes appearing on this page are for display only and not included in this package.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Works well...definitely recommend picking up Type D at least

But the grooves need to be deeper. When I first used this if I didn't slow down my cuts, my knife would jump the groove...highly frustrating! Now, I've gotten used to the speed at which I need to cut without jumping a groove, this product is highly useful. It gives you the ability to be very precise with your masking. I recommend this product, but wish the company would make the grooves just a little deeper to start.

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