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Aluminum Panel Line Pen
Fast and Accurate Panel Lines, Less over-run
Rigid and Durable | Precise Control | Larger Reservoir | Continuous Flow

User friendly design with Exquisite Craftsmanship
Threaded cap for extra protection of nibs. 8.6mm slim pen holder for easy access with smaller bottles. Extended nib length protects you from dirty fingers.
Larger Reservoir for better efficiency
Holds more color each dip, keeps you working instead of waiting. Transfer colors to the exact point you want using capilary action. Vastly improved results from tedious process of traditional methods, a real handy tool for advanced modelers.
Smooth and Steady Control
Well balanced weight allows you to "Write" fluently everywhere, even in complex curves. Nibs with extra fine tip are multiple processed with extra smoothness. Protects your parts and delicate paint job from accidental scratching.
Traditional method is difficult to control with inevitable overflows. Our stainless steel nibs can maximumly eliminate this issue and save your cleaning time.
Durable and Easy Control
Very strong and corrosion free aluminum pen and stainless steel nib is easy to clean with brush washer or solvents.
Instruction for use

  1. Dip the nib into panel line colors until it covers the nibs breath hole.
  2. slightly brush teh nib against the bottle to get rid of extra colors.
  3. Gently push the nib after positioning the tip accurately at the starting point to let color flow by itself into engraved panel lines.
  4. Carefully lift the tip from model surface and wait for the color to dry thoroughly. Then, check for any spots that need touch up.
  5. Should overflow occur, use a damp cotton swab or other suitable tools dipped with proper thinner to wipe out excessive colors.
  6. Use brush with washing liquid to clean the nib after work and keep the pen recapped.

Packing Details

  • Stainless Steel nib x1
  • Aluminum Pen Holder x1

Recap after use to avoid accidental drop that might damage the nib without protection
Store in place out of reach of children to avoid risk of sharp pointy injury.
Clean the nib immediately after use to avoid clogging.

Replacement nib pack found here DSPIAE - PLN-01 Panel Liner Nib

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This things is awesome basically no clean up

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