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The DSPIAE Carbon Fiber Sanding Board is made of carbon fiber material, which has good performance unique to carbon fiber, ensuring the overall sturdiness and durability. In the process of model making, polishing of parts is essential. Sanding board with self-adhesive sandpaper is easy to use, convenient, fast and efficient. 

Product dimensions:
CB-5: 5x75x1mm
CB-10: 10x75x1mm
CB-25: 25x75x1mm
CB-S: Set of 3 (contains the 5mm, 10mm, and 25mm boards)

Recommended for use with DSPIAE die-cutting adhesive sandpaper:

DSPIAE adhesive-backed sandpaper is 25x75mm. If you choose a sanding board with a width of 5 or 10mm, just trim off the excess sandpaper.

Each box comes with a waterproof self-adhesive mesh number sticker, which can be used to stick on the front of the board to distinguish the grit. Easy to organize and avoid using the wrong sandpaper.

Usage Examples:

  • Use small sanding board for smaller parts to be polished. It can also be used for surface grinding of some curved parts in order to better observe the grinding effect.
  • The large sanding board is suitable for large surface areas. Saves time and improves efficiency, making sure the entire plane is flat.

For sanding in tight spaces with narrow angles, see related product: DSPIAE - CFB Carbon Fiber Angle Sanding Board

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Very good products

    The panel liner is great
    The finger cots are amazing when you’re cutting a lot of things with X-Acto knife
    The sanding boards I like a lot they work great
    The holding clam is very good at holes other things to thank you for good products


    Cooler than a popsicle stick

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