DSPIAE - DC-25 Electrostatic Dust Removal Cloth for Sanding Residues


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Static Electric Dust Removal Cloth for Sanding Residues

"Magical resurrection for sandpapers and files"

Made of polyester material, DSPIAE dust removal cloth can generate static electricity by friction and rubbing motion that will draw fine dusts onto it.

  • Static electric dust removal
  • High density flocking
  • Comfortable feel in hands
  • soft and wrinkle free


Accumulation of sanding dust on your tools will degrade your sanding efficiency. DSPIAE static electricity dust removal cloth can instantly resurrect your sanding tools and make them regain sanding capabilities. Ideal for use with hand-held sanding blocks, odd-shaped sanding tools, fine files as well as aluminum sanding pads and many other tools.

  1. When your sanding paper becomes obtuse, grab the DSPIEA Dust Removal Cloth.
  2. Gently press sandpaper or your files on cloth and drag back and forth for several times as required
  3. Your tools are back to life and ready for next round of work
  4. Now you my use DSPIAE hand-held vacuum cleaner or your other favorite equipment for a thorough cleaning.


  • Do not let children under 14 years of age use this product without parental attendance to avoid injury.
  • This product is made from flammable material. Keep away from open flame or spark to avoid fire
  • Avoid contamination of cements and paints, this will harden the fluff and minimize the cleaning results of product
  • Do not wash in water. Fluff tends to fall off when washed with water and can minimize the cleaning result

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