DSPIAE - MS-01 Charybdis Portable Magnetic Paint Mixer


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DSPIAE  portable magnetic paint mixer

  • Cable powered (USB)
  • Battery power capabilities (2 AAA batteries)
  • DO NOT CONNECT TO USB POWER WITH BATTERIES INSTALLED. This will cause damage to the product and may cause damage to table and materials around mixer or physical harm
  • Powerful - stirs up to 5000ml of water
  • Touch controls 
  • Stirring rods feature excellent anti corrosion properties. Made of high quality stainless steel
  • Easy access bottle placement area, compatible with most paint bottles. Can support beakers with large bottom area as well as pails and other containers, easily satisfying any need to mix large amounts of paint.
  • Produces 10,000r/min under 5V cable
  • Produces 6000 r/min with 2 AAA batteries
  • No assembly required
  • Mixer dimensions: 97x96x28mm
  • Mixing bottles and batteries are not included

Included with the paint mixer:

  • 20x 440c stirring rods
  • Adhesive non slip mat
  • DSPIAE magnetic paint mixer
  • High quality micro usb cable
Pairs well with MS-R18 Magnetic Stirring Rods for MS-01, 10pc

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    I like it saves time on shaking bottles


    Neat concept

    Absolutely Crap

    Watched many reviews, showed great mixing ability. So I got one. It barely moved my paint (acrylic) In reviews, it showed a strong vortex in water, mine? Barely formed a minute stream of movement. In paint? LMFAO, yeah right. Only dspiae product to disappoint me so far.

    BTW, this was using the plug in, not battery. Battery was even worse.

    Mixer doesn't work with battery

    The mixer doesn't work with battery. Mecha Warehouse has great customer service and sent me a replacement. Unfortunately, the replacement mixer also had the same problem. USB mode does work perfectly.

    Edward Burkeen
    Works great!

    I have purchased many paint mixing devices and the Dspiae MS-01 is hands down the easiest to use. It does a fantastic job at mixing the paints up. I didn’t like the mixing devices that shake the bottles and using the battery powered hand held mixers can get messy and leaves you with a mess to clean up. The MS-01 is simple to use, drop the metal mixing stick I nto the paint bootle or jar, place the paint container onto the base and you will feel the magnet catch the metal bar, and then you activate the base with the swipe of your finger in front of the touch sensor. It’s much faster than use other vortex mixer and is much much more quieter. I highly recommend it, I purchased 2 units along with extra metal mixing sticks.

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