DSPIAE - SP-S01 Coarse Grits Adhesive Sandpaper Set #180-#800 (100 pieces)


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Pre-cut self adhesive sandpaper set. Includes a 5 compartment storage box.

Size: 75 x 25mm (compatible with DSPIAE sanding boards below)

Apply coarse grits on items that do not need to be finely sanded. For items that require fine sanding, you can use the fine grits directly, or use the coarse grits first before using the fine grits. Different grits are printed on different colors, allowing the users to know which grit they are looking for immediately.

For fine grits set, see DSPIAE SP-S02

It can be cut to freely according to the needs.

DSPIAE adhesive sandpaper uses superior 3M sandpaper as a composite. The result is a sandpaper that is even and does not lose its grit. It possesses excellent sanding abilities and can be used in both wet and dry situations. The sandpaper has an adhesive that can be peeled back for easy application on the sanding boards. When switching the sanding paper, the adhesive will not leave any glue residue on the sanding boards.

Every piece can be individually purchased, allowing the set to be easily replenished.

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