DSPIAE - SS-C Adhesive Sponge Sanding Discs (12 Options)


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Self Adhesive Sponge Sanding Disc
Sanding Work Gets So Easy
High Speed Sanding | In-depth Flaw Removing | Easy Replacement | Net N' Dry Application

High Speed Sanding
More sanding less effort combining with electric sander.

In-depth Flaw Removing
Goes directly into hard-to-reach corners to get parts perfectly sanded.

Easy Replacement
Self-adhesive and disposable for your convenience

Wet N' Dry Application
Can be used in wet and dry conditions, no loss of abrasive.
NOTE: Electric sander is NOT water proof. Keep the end of connecting rod sticking out of water.

Keep out of reach of children under 8 years of age, beware of infant swallowing.
Designed to use with electric motor tools compatible with 3.0mm shanks
When sanding disc becomes dull, use clean water to rinse debris to regain most of the abrasiveness.
Replace sanding discs in time after prolonged use to ensure satisfactory result.
Do NOT apply too much downward pressure during grinding to prevent the sandpaper from overheating, which may cause the gum on the sandpaper to dissolve.

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