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Beautiful and elegant with frosted texture. Maximize space, fast storage, easy access.

BOX-1 Five-Compartment: Suitable for all kinds of parts, or storage of sanding strips and sanding boards. 147x88x33mm

BOX-2 Two-Compartment: Suitable for storage of various parts and tools. 208x103x26mm

BOX-3 Snap-Top Canister: Suitable for storage of various parts. The buckle spacer impacts shock absorption; strong anti-fall. 67x67x85mm

BOX-4 Paint Jar Storage: Suitable for storage of DSPIAE paint and parts. Organize storage partitions for easy storage and access. 101x68x62mm

BOX-5 Large Box: Suitable for storage of various parts. Expansion of space, quick storage, easy access. 108x108x93mm

BOX-6 36 Grid Part Storage Box: Suitable for Kit parts and accessories, Flexible storage size as some of the partition panels are re-positionable. 368x194x30mm

BOX-M1 Modular Assembly: Free Assembly, flexible storage, easy access. 96x40x34mm 

BOX-8 Pen Organizer: Properly stored for easy management. 60x61x190mm, each compartment measures approximately 18x18x154mm

Customer Reviews

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It fits my files and little tools for me. It's great instead of having them in multiple boxes they are in one now. Do wish it was deeper though.

Emilio Aguirre
Press on it to get it to close right

Box-2, I has to press on top of storage box to make sure it closes properly.
Box-5, at first I thought the top was little to big but I got it to close.

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