Figure-rise Standard Masked Rider Ryuki

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"Kamen Rider Ryuki" appears as the 11th work of the project to make all the main characters of Heisei Kamen Rider into plastic models!

■ The silver part is expressed with an extra finish.
■ The opening of the head slit is realized by ultra-thin molding. The compound eye under the slit is a clear red part, and the characteristic mask is thoroughly reproduced.
■ Five PET advent cards are included. The upper part of the drag visor slides forward and you can load the Advent card.
■ A handle for the card is attached, and the loading image can be reproduced.
■ A drag redder with a total length of about 630 mm is included.
■ By using some parts of the drag redder, "sword vent" and "guard vent" can be reproduced. "Strike Vent" pursues the atmosphere when worn and creates special drag claw parts.
■ Movable joints and a pedestal for drag redders enable a display that imagines the scene in the play.


  • Drag Redder x 1
  • Drag Claw x 1
  • Wrist Parts Determinant (Right), Card Holder (Right), Grip Hand (Left and Right), Weapon Holder (Left and Right), Flat Hand (Left and Right)
  • Advent Card x 5 Seeds
  • Dragredder pedestal x 2
  • Figure-rise Effect pedestal x 1
  • Foil seal x 1

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