HG WFM 1/144 #02 Beguir-Beu

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Launch ahead of the latest Gundam series "Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury"! ! The two mobile suits that play an active part in the prequel "PROLOGUE" of the main story appear a little early! !
  • Comes with anti-MS portable weapon "Bionette" equipped on both arms.
  • One pedestal for non-kinetic pod and one lead wire are included. Display is possible in the injection state.
  • Reproduce the flight unit deployment mechanism of the backpack.
  • The front and rear parts of the claws on both legs are individually movable.
  • Colorful finish just by assembling, thanks to carefully selected parts division.

  • Bayonet x 2
  • Lead wire x 1
  • Sticker x 1
  • Base for non-kinetic pod x 1
Pairs well with the Custom Decal - [HG] [The Witch from Mercury] Beguir-Beu From G-Rework

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    Awesome kit, really unique and fun to build!

    Jack Lara
    Second Kit :D

    It was my second kit and it was amazing! So much fun to build, complex and still friendly for a beginner like me :)) not to mention so cool and beautiful! Plus it was packed by Fox which made me chuckle


    Great source for gunpla. My go to for gundam model kits.


    This kit is so cool! Got it during a sale, safe to say it’s very much worth it. I recommend not putting on the stickers for the head parts however, but otherwise its really cool

    Very unique and fun kit from "The Witch From Mercury"!

    This kit has a very unique design unlike almost anything else seen in the Gundam Universes. As a result, this translates well into a fun kit that does not take long to finish. Definitely want to panel line this one to bring out those hidden details, especially in the chest area. Only complaint is the wire the kit comes with to showcase the Non-Kinetic Pod in action is insanely flimsy and does not support the sphere on its own. It comes with a stand to display the sphere in action, but I find it ruins from the overall vibe of the kit. Besides this, an overall amazing and safe kit if you want to dip your toes into the designs of WFM!

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