HGAC 1/144 #242 Shenlong Gundam

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From "New Mobile Report Gundam Wing", "Chang Wufei"'s boarding machine "Shenlong Gundam" is three-dimensionalized in HG format!

  • Side bending and forward bending are possible with the movable shaft provided inside the chest block. The cockpit block moves up and down when bending forward and backward.
  • The range of motion is improved by the sliding mechanism of the shoulder joint. Combined with the movement of the chest, it supports dynamic poses.
  • In addition to reproducing the deployed and retracted state of the characteristic weapon "Dragon Hang", you can also reproduce the arm extension with the attached extension parts.
  • In addition to weapons such as shield and beam grave, various hand parts are included.


  • Beam Grave x 1
  • Shenron Shield x 1
  • Hand parts (left and right) x 3 types
  • Joints for Dragon Hang expansion and contraction x 2
  • Seal x 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Armando Tijerina
Shenlong build

One of my favorite builds I have done. The HG Shenlong was easy to build but also one of the coolest. The extension on the arms to put the dragon fangs make this figure standout.

Shenlong Rocks!

For a HG kit, the build was nice and its dragon fang arm is nicely done

Dextet Auxtero
Superb for an HG kit

These guy right here is my 2nd HGAC kit, the gimmick is really awesome on the right arm, I love its design

Raymond Cutway

Amazing and fun build!

Jeremy Parkhill
A must have for Gundam Wing fans

Growing up with Toonami, Gundam Wing was my first introduction to the Gundam franchise. Needless to say, nearly 2 decades later, the Shenlong has a special place in my mech living heart and this kit lives up to modern HG quality and standards. Easily one of the few kits I have 2 of, just cause.

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