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The lightning fast white mobile suit from Gundam Wing makes an MG appearance with an Endless Waltz color scheme. Featuring a Leo type inner frame with removable helmet, this new version of Tall geese features a redesigned dober gun with recoil motion, as well as new thrusters hidden in the rear skirt armor. Iconic large rear mounted boosters feature an opening and closing gimmick. Small unpainted figure of Zechs Merquise standing and sitting included along with beam sabers, a variety of left and right hands, and decals designed by Hajime Katoki. Runner x13, foil sticker x1, dry transfer decal x1, tetron sticker x1, instruction manual x1

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Pairs well with the Waterslide Decal Sheet from Delpi Decal.

Pairs well with the Holographic Decal Sheet from Delpi Decal.

Pairs well with the Metal Sticker Sheet from Delpi Decal.

Customer Reviews

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Fernando Pestana

Great kit, fantastic shipping and best of all very good prices.

Matt Dean
Great Shipping from MW and a great kit

Fast shipping with an extra goodie of a bad arse sticker! The kit has been a real blast to build!

Darius Mitchell

Loving it so far, good build

Shawn Johnson
exactly what i wanted

tallgeese is my fave gundam and this kit is a great representation of my childhood nostalgia

Mike Jones
It was a great kit, and a good build.

It is a great kit. And it was a good build.

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