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Blessed from the heaven, the azure knight rises!

Following the VLOCKer's FIORE "Achillea" & NEXATE "Equus" comes the second VLOCKer's with the theme of "Knights of the Celestial World"!
Simultaneous release of FIORE "Lobelia" carrying a bow and her partner "Cheval" with two guns! The two can be reconfigured into the human-horse form "Sagittarius Mode" by merging them together!

The new character in "Knights of the Celestial World" is "Archer"! She appears cool in pure white armor!
The new FIORE "Lobelia" is clad in blue and white as her main colors. The design is reminiscent of a fantasy world, and the curvaceous armament reproduces the "Knights of the Celestial World" running lightly on the battlefield.
The new FIORE is a leader-like figure with a crisp design reminiscent of "excellence" in the language of "Lobelia. The face parts, which are the charm of FIORE, were drawn by "Mitsunari Tenpu," who was in charge of the character design!

VLOCKer's FIORE Lobelia (fully equipped)
The fully equipped state is completed by attaching white and gold additional equipment to "Lobelia" in her bare body state!
You can enjoy the asymmetrical archer-like form formed by the chest armor and arm armor with a design that protrudes to one side, and the curvaceous lines created by the waist armor and thigh parts, which are unique to Lobelia!
The "bow" is connected by a 4mm joint and can be reassembled by parts! You can freely create your own original armament!

Lobelia x Cheval = Human-horse form: Sagittarius Mode complete!
Lobelia and Cheval will combine to complete their human-horse form "Sagittarius Mode"!
From the design stage, the figure was developed and designed with "combining" in mind to achieve a realistic horse-like silhouette. Flexible posing can be enjoyed even in the human-horse form!
In addition, the weapons of "Lobelia" and "Cheval" can be combined to form a "Ballista"!
The "streamlined body line" and "large long-range armament" contrasting with the gussied-up "Achillea" are attractive!

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