We're now accepting orders for 2023 challenge coins!  Please read the following instructions carefully before filling out the form below:

1. Coin #'s assignments are NOT GUARANTEED, but priority will be given to those who already hold coins.  Please make sure when you upload pictures of prior year (s) coins that you upload the picture with the serial number.

2. Discord coins are available ONLY to Mecha Warehouse discord members who meet all the requirements for being discord members (i.e. have placed an order).  If you've placed an order and are not currently a discord member email support@mechawarehouse.com with your order # for an invite.

3. Coins will be $15 (no discount codes apply) and that price includes shipping.  We cannot merge these with existing orders due to the complexity of making sure everyone gets the properly numbered coin.

4. We have some coin accessories available (coin capsules, plastic stands and acrylic cases).  Please specify the number you would like to order of each and we'll fulfill what we can until stock runs out.

5. The pre-order deadline is 4/7 @ midnight EST. Coins must be paid for within 72 hours of the invoice being sent. Failure to pay for your coin on time may result in ding and dent strikes or other consequences. You may not refuse a coin if you are not assigned the number you prefer.