Now for something different… check out our Easter Egg Hunt Sale!  Save 15% on select items (discount applies automatically and sale ends Sunday at midnight EST)… here's the catch: you need to find them yourselves.  Our deals will have an Easter Egg product photo in their collection.  We've assembled some hints below to help you find some!  How many can you find?  Post your finds online with #mwegghunt for a chance to win a Mecha Warehouse gift card!



1. This one is all about FAMILY.
2. What effect do Doritos have on you?
3. The OTHER football Gundam.
FOUR. Was the pilot of this one.
5. For dispatching werewolves.
6. Every Gundam universe needs a Char clone, but this one likes to share.
7. Red Comet ain't got no legs.
8. Ideal Gundam for September 19th.
9. Hello mother. Hello father. My mobile suit is built at plant Granada.
10. This one will mess with you just a little bit more.
11. ... and tonic.
12. This one is not very old.
13. This one's name suggests bad luck.
14. No long swords.