Now for something different… check out our Easter Egg Hunt Sale!  Save 10% on all in-stock items with code EASTER10 until Sunday 3/31 at 11:59PM EST… Save up to 30% on select "Easter Egg" items (Easter Egg discounts applied automatically).  Here's the catch: you need to find them yourselves.  These deals will have an Easter Egg product photo in their collection.  We've assembled some hints below to help you find a few, but there are many more you'll just have to find on your own!  How many can you find?  Post your finds online with #mwegghunt for a chance to win a Mecha Warehouse gift card!



1. Mouth of a river and then some.
2. We're going to need a bigger boat.
3. The OTHER OTHER football Gundam.
4. Resurrected Granddaddy
5. Bell Pepper