1. Minimum gift price of $30. This does not include shipping.
2. We'll be separating individuals into pools based on the zoom windows they could be available for and whether they prefer their personal info be protected.
3. Gifts should be Gunpla related and new/unbuilt: kits, tools, paints, etc.
4. Other items may be given, but should not be considered against the minimum gift price.
5. If shipping from somewhere other than Mecha Warehouse, your package must be sent via a trackable shipping method and you must submit your tracking number to Nick for safe keeping.
6. Participants may submit a wish list, but givers are not obligated to use the wish list, so please set your expectations accordingly. (I highly recommend using the search feature on discord and lightly stalking your givee to see what they're into and what they might have already).
7. Gifts should be postmarked by 12/1/21.
8. If you're participating in a zoom session do not open your gift until the zoom session.
9. Signup deadline is 11/6/21 at Midnight EST.