Earlier this year when the Maganac Corps 36-Unit P-Bandai kit was announced we got excited.  Really excited.  Nick Savery, owner of Mecha Warehouse just had to have one.  When you think about it deeply, building 36 HG kits is a daunting task.  Add in the other 4 units to fill out the entire Maganac Corps and you have yourself a hell of week.

What would make building 40 HG kits better?  Doing it all in one straight session.  That's exactly what we plan to do.  Friday, December 27th Nick Savery will be building the entire Maganac Corps live on his twitch channel: twitch.tv/nicksavery  We'll be starting at 10AM EST and continuing until we're done (though there might be a brief sleep break in there if this goes on too long).

Why is Nick torturing himself with building 40 kits in one shot?  A couple reasons:

  • Time is precious, and finding time to build one kit is hard right now, so rather than drag this out, lets just get it done.
  • Not many were crazy enough to buy the whole set, but almost everyone is curious, so why not let everyone live vicariously through Nick so you can all understand the bullet you dodged.
  • Finally, and most importantly, we see this as an opportunity to do some good outside of the gunpla community.  Let me explain below.

Taking on a task like this will hopefully generate some publicity, and in the process of doing that, why not do some good.  We did some thinking and found what we think is the perfect charity to support with this event: Charity: Water.  A lot of us have no idea what its like to not have immediate and easy access to clean water.  Others around the world are not quite so fortunate.  What better way to raise awareness for such a cause then by building a ton of desert themed mobile suits?

Starting now, and continuing through the build we'll be raising money for Charity: Water.  Go to our Fundraiser Page to donate to the cause.  We're hoping to generate $1000 for this incredible cause and could use your help.  Mecha Warehouse will match every dollar raised up to $500 during the build event.  We chose Charity: Water because they have a reputation for transparency, and thanks to some major sponsors, 100% of your donation will go directly to clean water projects.

We hope you stop by on twitch to help cheer Nick on.  And we hope you consider helping us raise some money to help bring clean water to those who don't have access to it.