Judges: Members of the Mecha Warehouse Team... TBD


Mecha Warehouse is excited to announce our next build-off and photo contest themed:



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  • An entry will constitute a series of no more than 5 pictures of a build or diorama featuring the kit provided in the -REDACTED II- box purchased from Mecha Warehouse.
  • A completed entry should be recognizable as the original subject of the provided kit.
  • Entries must be a new build specific for this competition using the contents of the -REDACTED- box.
  • Entry must be 100% the work of the entrant, and may not include parts customized or finished by any other individual.
  • One entry per person.
  • Photos must be unmodified (i.e. no photoshop, filters, etc)



  • The contest will consist of two separate categories.
  • Entries will be judged only against other entries from the same category.
  • Category "Out-of-the-box" will consist of entries using only the contents of the box and may use no additional parts or accessories other than paint or decals.  Only listed parts from the kit may be used and in their original intended form (no use of runners, trimming or reshaping pieces, etc).
  • Category "Open" will consist of entries using any number of additional parts or accessories.



  • Judges will use the following criteria to select the winners:
    • Execution of the build (are there nubs, seams, mold lines and other modeling imperfections visible).
    • Presentation and photo composition (how well does the photo display the build).
    • Creativity in the use of the provided kit.



  • Winners will be able to choose prizes from the Prize Table including Mecha Warehouse gift cards and Kotobukiya kits in order of their placement rank.  One category will be selected to have precedence over the other (i.e. their 1st picks before the other's 1st) based on a coin toss following judging.
  • Prize Pool:
    • 2x $100 MW gift card
    • 4x $50 MW gift card
    • JK038 - Bukiko WINTER CLOTHES Modeler's Edition
    • KP503X - Sitara Kaneshiya Ver. Karwa Chauth
    • KP517 - GALEHOUND
    • AR003 - Arcanadea Yukumo
  • One additional winner per category will get a pick from the Prize Table based on public vote.
  • Note: International Entries are allowed, but Mecha Warehouse only currently ships within the US.



  • Submissions will constitute a series of no more than 5 pictures presenting your completed build/scene.
  • We reserve the right to request additional pictures (including work in progress photos) in order to resolve any dispute that may arise. Only the primary submission pictures will be published.
  • Submissions can be made by using the form located on this page (to be added later).
  • Submissions deadline is 3/29/24 at 12:00PM EST (NOON).



  • Mecha Warehouse reserves the right to modify these rules at any time.


Prize Table:


Redacted Box Rules and Clarifications


Can lighting/pose/background be different for each photo?

 - Yes. All 5 photos available to you can have different lighting/pose/background and should be used to show off different aspects of your build. Please note that the photos must be unmodified! (no photoshop, microsoft paint, photo filters ect.) 


Can diorama/scenes include other models? Will they be judged?

 -Yes, you can include other models in the open category and yes they will be judged. But the -REDACTED II- kit should be the focal point of the build. 


When should we take work in progress photos?

 - Anytime you think there might be a rules violation in your build is a good time to take a work in progress photo. If you made something custom and don't know if what you made follows the rules then you should be ready for us to ask for photos on how you made it.


If I submit a build for out of the box but it does not meet the criteria, will I be disqualified?  

 -No, if you submit your build for out of the box but the judges see custom work then you will be moved to the open category.


Can putty or cement be used to fill seam lines or hollow areas in out of the box? 

 -Yes, you can. You can fill in seam lines or holes in out of the box. However, you can not use putty to create something to add onto your -REDACTED II- kit.


Can an action base or stand be used in out of the box?

 -Yes an action base or stand may be used to pose your build in the out of the box category. Just know that if you use something like a scene base it may bump you into the open category. The same applies to a custom or painted action base.

Can the surface be altered without adding materials in out of the box?

 -Yes, you may make changes to the surface of your build. As a general rule, if something is being subtracted from the build, such as battle damage or scribing, then it is allowed in the out of the box category. 


Can 3d metallic stickers or photo etch be used in out of the box?

 -You cannot use photo etch since it requires additional parts. As for the 3D metallic sticker, you may use a metallic sticker to add a marking on your build but cannot use something to add a three dimensional part such as a vent or a fin.


Are 3rd party stickers or decals allowed in out of the box?

 -Yes, you may use any decals or stickers in out of the box. 


Can any amount of painting be done in out of the box? 

 -Yes, you can paint as much as you'd like. We just ask that you don't build up extreme textures as that could push you into the open category.


Can parts be used in ways other than their intended purpose in out of the box?

 -Yes, this would be a perfect time to take some work in progress pictures to show us how you did it just in case we have questions.


Does the background scene add points in out of the box?

 -No, the background does not matter. However your images should show off your build so try your best to use a clean background so the focus can be on your build.