HGIBO 1/144 #001 Gundam Barbatos

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From "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans", the main character Gundam Barbatos has been converted to a Gunpla with specifications full of play value! Compatible specifications that can reproduce the two forms that appear in the play, set colors are faithfully reproduced by parts division and seal expression! Some exterior parts and armament can be replaced with other kit parts, so you can enjoy various customizations! Weapons that appear in the play such as Mace and Tachi are also included!
In addition, the first production comes with a gold leaf specification card for the Gundam Triage "Iron-Blood Vol.1" promotion card "Gundam Barbatos" and "Crescent Moon / Augus"!

Molded product × 7, foil seal × 1, assembly manual × 1

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Customer Reviews

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goat mobile suit and goat gunpla

Solid five out of five

The 144 scale Gundam Barbados is really amazing especially since it's really compatible with every other iron blooded orphans kid it's a must have for any collector


Not my favorite design but still fun

Samuel L
Great intro to IBO kits

My first IBO, second overall gunpla (many more since), and my first order from the warehouse. Experience was great on all of those counts.

The Barbatos really showcases how different and interesting the IBO frames can be compared to other series hg kits while being relatively simple to put together. It's got great options included between arm swaps and solid weapon equips for a lower cost kit for sure.

The weapon rack on the back feels a bit flimsy in how it holds the club or sword on but still does well enough and maintains a great visual effect.

The stickers are minimal but maximize on impact and detail. Many fit directly into molded grooves that make applying them simple.

Sets great expectations for other ibo gunpla and Mecha Warehouse.

Love IBO

Always a fun build.

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