One Piece Grand Ship Collection #01 Thousand Sunny

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  • A compact type that is easy to display on a one-piece pirate ship is now available.
  • Easy assembly without tools.
  • The set color can be almost reproduced with the attached sticker.
  • Sea level effect parts are included.
  • Supports Action Base 2.

Molded product x 4, marking sticker x 1, color sticker x 1, assembly manual x 1

Customer Reviews

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Eric Lam

For something that was insanely large in the show, the size has been brought down to the point where if you have big hands you could definitely hide this in your hand with the sails sticking out. It is absolutely tiny. The amount of color correcting stickers would make any one cringe and it's not minor color correcting stickers either, there are full blown areas of the ship that are just not in the correct color and would've been so simple to turn into seperate pieces but are instead stickers. If you don't mind painting or doing stickers, it's not the worst kit and it definitely is simple to put together. I would've hoped that bandai made the kit bigger and more complex because things like the Entry grades which are cheaper as insanely more quality than this kit. Only purchase if you love the sunny.

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