HG AMAIM 1/72 #10 MAILeS Kenbu Zan

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The fastest three-dimensional version of the second part hero machine, which was three-dimensionalized after structural verification by KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN!
  • Reborn into a massive silhouette to manipulate a huge armament.
  • The cannon on the arm is removable. Equipped with an attachment that assumes sharing of weapons with Kembu.
  • The chest cylinder gimmick that imitates the structure like the pectoralis major muscle in the human body reproduces the expansion and contraction movement.
  • Comes with a powerful large super-heated combat long sword that is as tall as the height of the Kembu sword.
  • Various weapons can be attached to and detached from the back weapon rack.

The second part of the TV anime "Amaim Warrior" will start in April! !! All episodes of the first part are being distributed for free on BANDAI SPIRITS official YouTube!

  • Super heat swing type combat long sword × 1
  • 40mm arm cannon × 1
  • 60mm carrying cannon × 1
  • Weapon rack × 1
  • Hand parts Flat hand (left and right), weapon holder (left and right), Gun holder (right)
  • Seal x 1

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