RG 1/144 #08 Gundam Mk II (AEUG)

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1/144 Real Grade version of the popular Gundam MK II from Zeta Gundam. Featuring the advanced MS Joint for ultimate range of motion and mechanical detail, this realistic version of the RX-178 contains exchangeable hands for holding different weaponry, and the ability to be put in iconic action poses. Special marking stickers are provided to simulate realistic placement of maintenance hatches and ports. Panel lines designed to show separation of metal panels on the "real" machine. Beam saber x2, beam rifle x1, shield x1, bazooka x1.

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Pairs well with the RG Mk-II AEUG Water Decal from Delpi Decal

Pairs well with the Custom Decal - [RG] RX-178 MK-II Gundam [AEUG] from G-Rework

Customer Reviews

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Gahd, I love the RG MK-II. It's a solid kit, with firm joints (just this side of too firm) and a really interesting build. True to the anime mythos, you build the inner frame (analogous to the MK-II's movable frame) completely first, giving you a 'naked' MK-II you can pose and tool around with first. You then build the armor around that frame, which gives you the satisfaction of almost two complete builds. Kinda.
There is the obligatory warning about the mesh tubes, however. The MK-II is unique in that on both the backpack and behind the knees and ankles there are bits of cloth mesh tubing that goes over provided wire (that you need to cut to size, used to guide the tubing). The usual complaint is that this tubing (being cloth mesh and not metal, like in the PG) can, will, and often does fray at the point where you cut it. This can be solved with the application of a bit of heat, however, melting the edges down so that doesn't happen. I've built both this and the (superior colored) Titans MK-II, and never had a problem after applying a lighter.

So. Overall, flexible, pretty, fun. The only kit I've done multiple of besides the Leo.


All great kits. Really enjoyed the birthday weekend spending it building what I love

Joshua Holbrook

RG 1/144 #08 Gundam Mk II (AEUG)

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