1/100 Seed Destiny #14 Saviour Gundam

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"Saviour Gundam", which played an active role with Athrun in "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY", is now available as a 1/100 scale model with the best proportions. The transformation to the characteristic MA form is thoroughly reproduced down to the detailed gimmicks such as the head antenna, lower arm armor, and beam rifle. It has an outstanding range of motion, including double joints at the elbows and independent movement of the toes and heel. Includes beam rifle, beam saber x 2, and shield. The beam saber is realistically reproduced with clear parts.

Customer Reviews

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Gie Olesco
Simple and not bad for a 1/100 NG Kit

Pretty plain and simple, The Articulations is pretty sturdy and I like the look of it.

Twice the fun

So I never saw my self getting double of kits before but when I bulit my first one of the savior Gundam I knew I was gonna have to get another one when the savior is transformed into flight mode it looks so good and sturdy I really recommend this unit

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