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From the Imaginary Skeleton series, which imagines "life" from the ancient memories of "fossils," "Mosasaurus" is now available as the third full-scale skeletal model!
  • Total length approximately 350mm. A fixed skeleton model that captures the moment of Mosasaurus' natural movement based on the latest theories based on biology.
  • Dynamic pose that combines science and beauty, and details throughout the body. You can feel the "life" of the dinosaur while assembling it.
  • The intricate details of the skull are faithfully reproduced, such as the scleral ring that protects the eyeballs from water pressure and the mandibular joint that makes it easier to swallow prey.
  • Reproduce the two rows of special teeth on the upper jaw that indicate that it is a close relative of snakes.
  • The sophisticated shape of the ribs and thorax is also reproduced, which seems to have been the ultimate compromise between water pressure compatibility and nimble movement.
  • The details of the fin-like limbs, which have more joints and are specialized for flexing water-scraping movements, have been reproduced.
  • As a mark during assembly, a concave mold is engraved in the center of the spine, which continues in a similar shape.
  • The pedestal faithfully reproduces marine life such as ammonites and rudists (special cup-shaped bivalves) that lived in the same area at the same time as Mosasaurus.
  • An explanatory booklet supervised by reptile and dinosaur researcher Kyoichi Tomita is included as a separate volume.

  • Instruction manual x 1
  • Instruction booklet x 1
  • Exclusive pedestal x 1

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