Pokemon Model Kit Quick! #10 Rowlet

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"Rowlet" is now available in the 10th installment of the "Pokepla Quick !!" series, which can be easily assembled even for the first time!
■ Overall length about 70mm. Attractive cute form.
■ Easy assembly and colorful finish by dividing the parts.
■ Simple specifications that make you think of the finished product the moment you see the runner.
■ Touch gate method that does not use tools.
■ Minimize the location of the seal.

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Customer Reviews

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Easy kit of the best Pokemon

This is a simple kit and pieces can be popped out of runners with your thumbs, so it's great for kids or people new to the hobby. You can have a Rowlet on your shelf in 5-10 minutes! My only complaint (and this is broadly applicable to Pokepla kits) is that the eyes, rather than using colored parts separation, use stickers. Stickers can be stressful for new people! I've built enough Bandai kits to know that they can make it happen, so it's disappointing to see them still using color correcting stickers in kits that are supposed to be for young kids.


Bought this for my wife. Absolutely loves it and the service from Nick and the guys at Mecha Warehouse is great as always.

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