RG 1/144 #14 Strike Freedom Gundam

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■ Strike Freedom Gundam has appeared in the RG series of SEED MS that followed Yale Strike Gundam, Freedom Gundam, Justice Gundam, Destiny Gundam.
■ Mobile armament wings consist of gold-plated parts.
■ Advanced MS joint provides both ease of assembly and wide range of motion.
■ Pursuing reality through actual machine verification unique to RG. Mobile wing deployment and storage gimmicks are also designed based on actual machine verification.
■ Realistic decals recreate a metallic feel.
■ Strike Freedom Gundam's characteristic golden frame is reproduced with molding color.
■ Beam shield is reproduced with clear parts.
■ We can reproduce long range beam rifle which connected two beam rifles back and forth.
Molded product x 8, realistic decal x 1, assembly instruction x 1

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