RG 1/144 #02 MS-06S Char's Zaku II

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The second release in Bandai's new "Real Grade" series is Char's Zaku II. Just like the first kit in the Real Grade line, the RX-78-2, the Zaku II packs an amazing level of detail (think MG or PG) into an HG-size kit, complete with dynamic action and moving features. The perfect counterpart to the RG Gundam, the Zaku II comes with the same kind of posable inner frame, piping, and enough markings to keep you busy for some time. Bandai continues to raise the bar.


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Customer Reviews

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I just wanted my RGUC Char vs. Amuro collection completed and this was the only kit I needed, very enjoyable

Roberto Soto
Awesome model

Good model to use for dioramas. Didn't want to use my origen model so got this one to use for different build design

Antonio Giustra
Great detail, but very stiff

This kit has some great details and was fun to build, but my biggest issue is this kit is very, very hard to pose. Move the leg a little and the front skirt pops out, or the side skirt, or the leg itself; the whole bottom half of this kit is very tricky. Would advise buying an action base if you're looking to pose/display this

Santiago Ortegon
These are so detailed it's amazing

The color separation is amazing the posability is off the charts I used one for custom myself.

Kevin Callahan-Jonez
lost my ordder

was told it was my falt abd was told he would not help in any way just took my money now syop sending me this

This customer placed an order with an incorrect address. Customer notified us the day before the scheduled delivery (shipment had been in transit for a week at this point) and we helped this customer notify UPS of the incorrect address. Unfortunately UPS requires 24 hours notice to correct an address and the package was already out for delivery before the address change could take effect resulting in the package being delivered to the wrong address. We contacted UPS on the customers behalf to arrange an attempted retrieval, but said retrieval was not possible.

Despite this being a customer mistake we offered to replace the items essentially at our cost to try to help soften the blow, the one item he desired to replace at cost has been out of stock so we've been waiting for that to arrive. Apparently he's changed his mind and no longer wishes to receive it at cost and prefers to defer any personal responsibility for the issue.

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