HGUC 1/144 #235 Baund-Doc

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From "Mobile Suit Z Gundam", the bound dock is three-dimensionalized in the latest HG format with a total height of about 190 mm!
■ Express the characteristic coloring with molding color.
■ Thorough reproduction of variable gimmicks of MS and MA without compromising the unique proportions that are supple and strong.
■ Reproduce the characteristic skirt structure by the calculated parts composition and color coding.
■ Reproduce the unique deformation that folds the upper body into the waist skirt armor. You can enjoy the display in a form that suits your taste.
■ Elastomer material is used for the power pipes of each part, and it can be moved flexibly.
■ Attached weapons are "Beam Rifle", "Diffusion Mega Particle Cannon", and "Beam Saber".
■ Dedicated pedestal is included.

■ Beam rifle x 1
■ Beam saber x 1
■ Diffusion mega particle cannon x 1
■ Dedicated pedestal x 1
■ Foil seal x 1

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