30MM 1/144 #27 bEXM-14T Cielnova [Dark Gray]

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New model "Ciel Nova" from the 30MM series Byron army! Linking with Porta Nova expands the range of customization!

  • Massive legs, long forearms, backpack that can be extended upwards, and other characteristic parts.
  • Adopts expandable joint mechanism. The new hip joint parts can be incorporated into the existing machine to arrange the body shape.
  • Chest parts for commander aircraft, special forces, and close-up combat work with Porta Nova.


  • Handgun ×1
  • Backpack ×1 type
  • Marking sticker ×1

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Customer Reviews

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Wonderful figure with a unique silhouette. Legs are a bit wonky and make posing a bit finicky.

Seems to be manufactured oddly?

So! Im a big 30 minute missions fan, and have at least one of each of the mainline mech models, and then a wide selection of the variants, support vehicles, and scene parts. All great!
The Cielnova was the last of the mainline mechs I didnt have, so I ordered it! The huge legs and the head had me interested, especially as I had found one of their alternate armor kits at a hobby store a month before. So, got it, building went fine... then I realized something.
The ball joints are loose! Not a single other one of my 30MM models has this issue, where it makes them difficult to pose directly due to the looseness. (especially with the Cielnova's heavy legs). This mostly seems to effect the ball joins that attach the thighs, the shoulder to torso connections, and upper waist to torso joint.
But as said, Ive got a lot of these models; thus, tons of extra parts. So, as an experiment while I was painting it, I swapped out the previously mentioned joints with spare ball joints and the shoulders of a mech I was pulling the arms off of to begin with for another project. And it fixed it!
So, for some reason, the ball joints that come with the Cielnova are ever so slightly too small. Beats me why. If you have the replacement parts, it fixed it.
Though, there's another issue. Remember when I said I was painting it? I started with the head, and for some reason, pulling the head off of the neck BROKE a connector in the head! Again, this has never happened to me with a 30 MM kit; some Ive taken the heads off of a dozen times. Some plastic weld and it should be fine, but again... its like the Cielnova in particular was manufactured in a lower quality than any of the rest of the line.

Unique design, useful parts. But manufactured weirdly, and needs all of its major ball joints swapped out. Parts may be more likely to break too, for some reason, as our mech's head broke a connector.

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