HGUC 1/144 #28 RX-78GP03 Gundam GP03 Dendrobium

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Dendrobium, the huge aircraft that appeared in "Mobile Suit Gundam 0083", has been made into a 1/144 size kit. The hatch deployment gimmick of the weapon container is reproduced, allowing you to take out Gundam GP-03's bazooka, shield, beam rifle, and missiles from the container. The control grip of the mega beam cannon can be expanded. The lower claw arm of the main body can be expanded to hold a large beam saber. Comes with HGUC1/144 Gundam GP-03S that can be docked to the main body. Comes with an exhibition base to hold it in the best position.

Pairs well with the HG Dendrobium WATER DECAL from Delpi Decal

Customer Reviews

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Jasson Sosa
It’s a big boy

1st to have this rare kit was amazing.
2nd it arrived really fast. Can’t wait to build it

Trevor Burrell
Probably the greatest and most challenging kit ever

I built this last year when I got back into Gunpla after a long hiatus. It was one of the first kits I built after a few smaller HG to get my legs back under me. First it’s a big box. With two smaller yet still big boxes inside. Packed to the brim with runners. It’s the most runners I’ve ever dealt with. More than the RX-78-2 PG Unleashed.

That being said, you’ll use everything you’ve learned, every tool you have, and it will push you to develop and find new ones to build it. There’s a lot of freedom for customization in terms of painting or decals but my biggest piece of advise is to take your time. Please do not rush. There are parts that when assembled there’s no going back. Mainly due to the size it makes it difficult to see the bigger picture of how a part will be in the end so plan things out as much as you can.

In terms of size it’s enormous. With beam cannon installed it’s over 2.5 feet long and the middle pods are probably like a foot or so wide. It’s decently heavy too due to the metal brackets that support the mobile armor frame. The base it comes with is sturdy and very nice. The unit rests on it more so than the base fitting inside it like other action bases but it does so in a way it’s pretty stable.

All in all it’s my favorite kit I’ve ever made. I’ve made over a dozen kits over the past year or so from entry grade to PGU. It’s easily the showcase piece of my collection and gets conversations going when people see my kits on display. People have a hard time believing it’s assembled from individual pieces of plastic off runners. I cannot recommend this enough.

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