30MM 1/144 #52 eEXM GIG-R01 PROVEDEL(type-REX 01)

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The Earth Allied Forces has released a large-scale EXAMAX, the largest in 30MM history!
"Ride-on customization" to board existing items is possible!
  • A powerful scale feeling that boasts a total height of about 200mm!
  • Equipped with a transformation gimmick that can be switched between ride-on mode and REX mode.
  • In the ride-on form, it is possible to board by connecting the attached newly-shaped backpack and varnish tube to existing items.
  • The attached large weapon can be disassembled and connected to the boarding section.
  • Arm and leg joints have improved holding power due to the pinching structure. It is also possible to create a 3mm axis by fitting the poly cap attached to the separately sold item.
  • -Comes with a runner set with multi-joints essential for customization, such as 3mm joints, C-type joints, and detail cover parts.

  • Large weapon x 1
  • Hand parts open hand (left and right), grip hand (left and right)
  • Backpack for boarding aircraft x 1
  • Cover parts for transformation x 1
  • Ride relay parts x 1
  • Varnish tube x 2
  • Lead wire x 2
  • Multi-joint x 1 formula
  • Seal x 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Came in perfect shape and timely, in backlog at the moment but looking forward to building it next

Built and I love the figure. Has a lot of neat designs and features


This kit was so satisfying to build! Great plastic quality made the build solid (even with the dark blue plastic which is usually a pain to avoid stress marks). All the joints are nice and tight (except for the tail) and as usual it offers tons of customization options. And the marking sticker decals are a nice bonus to detail up this kit and make it your own!

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