30MS Option Parts Set #10 (Reaper Armor)

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In addition to the scythe and scissors, a weapon set that includes a large sword is now available as an optional parts set!

  • Scissors can be equipped as two swords by separating them.
  • The great sword blade is made up of multiple parts and can be attached to the back as a tail armor that can be flexibly expressed using connecting joints.
  • A general-purpose joint runner common to the 30 MINUTES series is included to expand the range of customization.
  • Uses a 3mm diameter shaft common to the 30 MINUTES series. ``30 MINUTES MISSIONS'' parts can also be installed as options.

 (*The target age for the "30 MINUTES MISSIONS" kit is 8 years old or older)


  • Large sword x 1
  • Scythe x 1
  • Scissors x 1
  • Joint parts x 1
  • 30 MINUTES general purpose joint runner x 1
  • Thick peach parts x 1 set
  • Leg above knee parts x 1 set

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