30MS Tokai Teio from Umamusume: Pretty Derby

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"Uma Musume Pretty Derby" Tokai Teio starts running in the 30 MINUTES SISTERS series!
  • 30 MINUTES SISTERS Utilizing the design technology cultivated, it expresses a supple body line. The skirt part adopts a sheet-like material that can correspond to the movement of the legs.
  • Three kinds of expression parts are included in the printed state. You can choose according to the situation.
  • The relationship between the design and division of the original costume has been precisely verified. It is a model that can be colorfully reproduced just by assembling parts that consider color coding and shape.
  • The design of the sole is reproduced by dividing the parts.
  • The head has movable ears and color-coded earrings. A movable joint is used at the base of the ponytail, allowing it to be fixed at various angles.
  • Hand parts with various expressions and joint parts are included.
  • The clear display base and the new joint parts that fix the ankles make it possible to display the running silhouette clearly.

  • Expression parts (tampo printing) x 3 types
  • Joint parts x 1 set
  • Hand parts x 1 set
  • Dedicated pedestal x 1 set

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