RG 1/144 #31 Crossbone Gundam X1

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Overwhelming density and color reproduction!
The fifth of the "GUNPLA EVOLUTION PROJECT" which pursued the ultimate precision reproduction while being the smallest in the series !
Crossbone Gundam X1 appearing in the comic "Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam" is three-dimensionalized with RG!
"Extreme detail" [extreme precision reproduction] is set on the EVOLUTION POINT to reproduce details and gimmicks in the 1/144 scale to the limit, even though the series is the smallest! Experience the highest peak “condensation”!

  • Reproduce the deformation and docking of the core fighter despite the small MS with the new advanced MS joint.
  • The head is reproduced with detailed parts configuration, Vulcan and skull shapes, eye patches (selectable) etc. are also reproduced.
  • Precisely reproduces the heat radiation fin deployment gimmick of the jaw.
  • Beam Zambar and Buster Gun are combined into Zambuster. Color coding is reproduced to the limit.
  • It is equipped with interlocking gimmick of knee armor although being small.
  • Characteristic cloak and effect parts are reproduced by dynamic modeling.


  • Zambuster (Beam Zambar / Buster Gun) × 1
  • Brand Marker × 2
  • Heat Dagger × 2
  • Beam Saber × 2
  • Beam Shield × 1
  • Core Fighter × 1
  • ABC cloak × 1
  • Scissor anchor × 2
  • Heat dagger (sole) × 2
  • Pilot figure × 1

[Product description]

  • Molded article × 10
  • Realistic decal × 1
  • Instruction manual × 1

Pairs well with the Metal Sticker Sheet from Delpi Decal.

Pairs well with the Custom Decal - [RG] Crossbone Gundam X1 from G-Rework

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
One of many favorites!

The crossbone has been one of my all time favorites. Just the overall looks and range of movement. Had so much fun building this one.


The shipment did take more time than expected but Mecha Warehouse did notify all customers of delays. The kit it’s self was smaller than I expected but I was amazed by how intricate it was for being so small. Some of the pieces were hella tiny making putting together parts of the kit, like the head, a pain in the ass to put together( even with my smaller hands) but besides that it’s great. I give it an 8/10, it’s an amazing kit with lots of detail but the size and tiny parts might throw off people with bigger hands.


Awesome build for something so tiny it honestly surprises me how much detail Bandai was able to fit into such a small mobile suit.


twas good. item came in without scratches or anything. hassle free, a trusted gundam store

Crossbones rg

First rg and I love it

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