RG 1/144 #33 Force Impulse Gundam

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From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY" comes an MS with the main character "Shin Asuka" boarded in the first half of the story!

  • Reproduce the MS form mechanism by combining the core splendor, chest flyer, leg flyer and force silhouette.
  • Adopts advanced MS joint with insert molding on core splendor and body. The inner frame and body frame can be separated from the runner in the assembled state, realizing precise details and deformation/movable gimmick.
  • By dividing the parts, the color reproduction is improved, and even the minute color division of the adjacent armor is accurately expressed.
  • As an actual machine verification unique to RG, the force silhouette is captured as an “aircraft”, and gimmicks, details, and textures are produced. The wings can be folded backwards.
  • The forearm is equipped with a structure that can be twisted on a separate axis from the elbow. Shoulder armor rotates independently to reduce parts interference.
  • The waist area can be moved block by block, greatly securing the range of motion.
  • Knee armor moves in conjunction with leg movements.
  • In addition to the beam rifle, shield, knife, and beam saber, four types of left and right hand parts such as grip, open hand, and weapon holding are included as options.


  • High-energy beam rifle x1
  • Mobile protection shield x1
  • Vajra beam saber x2
  • Folding razor anti-armor knife x2
  • Silhouette flyer x1
  • Hand parts (left and right) x 4 each
  • Realistic decal x 1

Pairs well with Gundam Decal #130 RG 1/144 For Force Impulse Gundam

Pairs well with the Waterslide Decal Sheet from Delpi Decal.

Pairs well with the Custom Decal - [RG] Force Impulse Gundam from G-Rework

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
RG Impulse Gundam

I haven’t gotten a chance to build this kit. The price and shipping from Mecha Warehouse were perfect though!

Mecha warehouse

Been following them and buying Gunpla from them and had never disappointed me. Bought Force Impulse Gundam. Fast delivery and SUPERIOR SERVICE! My number one site for Gundams and Gundam related products.

Steven Lucas
Great things come in small packages

Much like the RG Nu, this mini MG is an absolute must-have. I didn’t care for the force impulse design initially but after building this kit I’m definitely a fan. It’s a very neat and unique build. It’s also almost completely undergated so clean up is a breeze. Backpack is a little heavy for it but the wings of the backpack are just as long as the Gundam so they can hold up the whole thing on the ground. 10/10 would buy again

Jordan Nottingham
This kit was AMAZING!

I wanted to get this kit due to a youtube review and the fact that I love the 1/144 scale and when I started to get into it I just had a blast with the build and it looks great on the shelf!

John Abasto
Incredibly Fun Build

A great kit all around, some of the most fun I've had building a kit. It is a surprise how solid the kit is despite being something that can transform into each of the individual fliers. It has great possabilitiy as well. The gimmicks are also great, featuring the aforementioned transformation gimmick into the core flyer, core splendor, leg flier, and silhouette flyer, not to mention the transforming shield mechanic, you'll have a lot of fun simply playing around with the kit before posing it! No complaints and a solid build; you'll not be disappointed!

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