HGIBO 1/144 #35 Gundam Kimaris Vidar


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The original form of the Gundam Kimaris as used by the founder of the Bauduin family during the Calamity War re-appears over 300 years later! Aggressive weapon load out is faithfully replicated and includes drill lance with integrated Dansleif railgun, sword, sub-arm shield units, and knee drill with large over sized drill bit. Runner x5, sticker

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Cool and Unique Kit

It is a good kit as expected from the IBO line. It has a unique aesthetic and was a blast to put together. It also has some cool and unique gimmicks like the drill bit in the knee and how the shields can be used to support the arms as it carries a massive lance. My main gripe is that it needs help to support the Lance! It is king of expected though when an HG weilds a large hunk of plastic!

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