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New characters join the WeGo series of 35 mobile robots ! The modern metallic green "Neo British" is here!


The "British Racing Green", which appeared in the "Mini Mobile Robot WeGo Collection Box 2", uses the classic British Racing Green that was commonly found in British cars in the world of motorsports.

The "35 Mobile Robot WeGo" version of "Neo British" will use this traditional dark green as the basic tone, and then use the new metallic green as the composition color to achieve a strong modern feel.

The bright fluorescent pink lines are added to the periphery of the simulating car wheel cover, bringing out the exciting image of a racing car. This is a mobile robot WeGo that perfectly combines metal color matching and alloy body !

Product specifications

The color design is undertaken by Kazushi Kobayashi (MODERHYTHM). Because of the reference color film and painting trial works provided by Mr. Kobayashi, our products can highly restore the original prototype of Mr. Kobayashi's creation.

The product packaging has also been changed to a new transparent box design, and players can directly see the dynamic posture inside.

The full height of the 1/35 scale mobile robot WeGo is about 75mm, which is just the size of the palm of your hand!

The head cockpit can be opened and closed, and the joints of the hands and feet can be moved, allowing you to easily enjoy the pleasure of decorating freely.

Most of the exterior is made of alloy materials. The cold touch and shiny appearance of the metal make it like an alloy mini car.

It is also attractive to feel the real weight when playing with it.

The exterior parts can be disassembled freely, and can be replaced with other parts of the same series sold in the past to create various color changes.

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