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The black AMAIM of the revival has attacked.

From "Amaim Warrior", the mysterious AMAIM "Ghost" enhanced aircraft "Amaim Ghost Mk-II" has been commercialized in the HG series.

Including the large symmetrical arms, the enhanced body shape is reproduced with new modeling parts.

The newly built sub-arm on the shoulder can be deployed. The cracking cable ejected from the arm is reproduced with a lead wire.

-Reproduce the body shape of the jet-black mysterious AMAIM "Ghost Mk-II".

  The reinforced body shape, including the head with a significantly changed shape and the large symmetrical arms, is reproduced with new modeling parts

  head, The symmetrical head is reproduced with new modeling parts.

  Shoulder sub-arm, The newly built sub-arm can be deployed.

  Arm, The large arms can be moved a lot, allowing for dynamic action poses.

  leg, The legs show excellent ground contact. The claw part at the tip can move independently.

● The sub arm is equipped with a deployment gimmick

  The connecting parts on the shoulder can rotate and expand forward.

  Works with the "HG Amaim Warrior" series!

  Armed with the separately sold Amaim Warrior series can be equipped with a sub-arm.

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-Reproduce the cracking cable

  The 6 cracking cables ejected from the forearm are reproduced with lead wires.



● Various action poses are possible with the latest HG format!

  Aggressive action poses can be reproduced by moving the characteristic shape of Amain Ghost Mk-II such as large arms and legs.



● Delivered in a newly written full-color package



Attached armament: Sub-arm / cracking cable

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