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The Z.O.E series has been loved by many fans since its release in March 2001. 

From the game that changed the mecha fighting genre forever, ANUBIS ZONE OF THE ENDERS, ANUBIS is joining the Kotobukiya plastic model lineup!
Twin machines with the protagonist mecha, JEHUTY, the last and most powerful enemy, ANUBIS.

・Clear support parts connect to the six large thrusters on ANUBIS's back, making the model even larger and more intimidating than JEHUTY. 
・Two types of supporting parts are included so that the large thrusters can be displayed flared or folded in. 
・The support parts and model can be displayed onto the special MECHANICAL BASE FLYING 3 printed with tampography. 
・The kit includes ANUBIS's electromagnetic lance, Anubis Rod, which can be displayed to look as if it is floating using the included clear attachment parts. 
・The cockpit block in the hip is articulated and the heels can be deployed.

Enjoy intense fighting scenes along with previously released models, JEHUTY and VIC VIPER!

Included Items (Accessories): 
Anubis Rod *1 with Clear Attachment Parts for Floating Look
Wing Wisp *6
Wing Wisp Support Parts (Flared) *1
Wing Wisp Support Parts (Folded) *1
Mechanical Base Flying 3 *1 with Tampography Printed Logo
Mechanical Base Stand for Wing Wisp Support Parts *1 Used by Attaching to Mechanical Base
Mechanical Base and Wing Wisp Support Joint Parts *1
Wing Wisp Support and Wing Wisp Connection Parts *6

Wrist Parts Connected to Forearm

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