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From ARMORED CORE for Answer of the hit video game series ARMORED CORE comes Maximilian Thermidor's reverse-jointed NEXT RAYLEONARD 04-ALICIA UNSUNG, now in a full package version with additional accessories.

The kit is compatible with other existing ACs and NEXTs from the V.I. series, allowing users to swap out parts.

  • UNSUNG's unique form specially designed for high-speed warfare has been faithfully recreated. Parts, including the arms and weapons, have also been newly sculpted.
  • Parts are also colored in the black and dark red color unique to UNSUNG, giving the model a dignified look.
  • UNSUNG's distinctive 04-ALICIA/L reverse joint part not only provides balance, but also allows for a variety of poses thanks to its carefully designed shape.
  • Featuring the ability to change between its standby and firing states, the MP-O901 PM missile launcher matches the legs in both size and scale.
  • In this full package version of the kit, the SULTAN plasma cannon and HLC09-ACRUX high laser cannon that were newly introduced with the RAYLEONARD 04-ALICIA WHITE PEARL Ver. kit have also been included.

Included Items: 

  • Main Model 


  • Laser Rifle: ER-O705 
  • PM Missile Launcher: MP-O901 
  • Main Booster: CB-JUDITH 
  • Stabilizer: 03-AALIYAH/CUS1
  • Stabilizer: 04-ALICIA/LUS1 
  • Plasma Cannon: TRESOR 
  • Plasma Cannon: SULTAN 
  • High Laser Cannon: HLC09-ACRUX
  • Rifle: 051ANNR

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