EARLY-BIRD: Armored Core - Verdict Day CO3 Malicious R.I.P.3/M CO3

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From ARMORED CORE VERDICT DAY, R.I.P.3/M, piloted by Blue Magnolia of the Reaper Squad, joins the ARMORED CORE V Variable Infinity series!

The shoulder can be opened to recreate scenes when the shoulder units are in use.
The leg shields can be positioned to recreate poses for when the AC is readying itself or using melee weapons.
The KE resistant leg parts L18 Fragrant can also be used.
The head, core, arms, and legs are compatible with other products from the game.

Included Items:

  • Au-L-K29 Laser Rifle
  • Au-V-G39 Heat Machine Gun
  • HF-132 KE Head
  • Over Weapon Attachment Parts
  • Emblem Decals

*This product is not compatible with models from the V.I. series outside of the ARMORED CORE V Variable Infinity series.
*This product is the standard version. No first edition bonuses are included.

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