AS-5E3 Leynos (Land Warfare Specifications) [Renewal Ver.]

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The Mega Drive exclusive software "Assault Suit Leynos" was released in 1990 as a 2D side-view action shooting game.
It has the action of operating its own "Leynos" and the strategy of capturing and selecting multiple weapons while capturing the stage, and by
inserting conversations of characters such as pilots during the game. The story was also highly evaluated.

As a variation of the product "AS-5E3 Leynos (main character)" on sale, a land battle type aircraft has been commercialized.
The same dark yellow coloring as the player aircraft of "Assault Suits Valken" is reproduced in the molding color.
In addition, the "50mm Assault Launcher" that appeared in the game as new equipment, the "Shield" of the same type as Valken, and the
head and leg side units as special parts for land warfare are included as new mold parts.
* The 12.7mm Gatling gun that comes with (the main character) is not included.
It will be remanufactured with "Renewal Ver.", Which has renewed the packaging and materials of the products released in March 2012.

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